Helicopter ground support tug

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Helicopter Ground Support Tug

Electro hydraulic helicopter tug with 28 V APU for aircrafts up to 4500 kg.

  • Lifting capacity: 5500 kg 12000 lbs; 
  • Motor: 1 kW DC;
  • Power supply: 4 x 12 V Lead acid dry type for cold climate operation or 4 x 12.8 V Li Ion for hot climate operation;
  • Built in switch mode battery charger with low capacity and bad battery indicator;
  • APU: Standard connector;
  • LED spotlight: Standard;
  • Drive wheel: Grooved 200 mm x 150 mm;
  • Self-turning casters: Dual;
  • Lifting system: Electro hydraulic;
  • Braking: Electric;
  • Electronic speed control: Variable up to 1 m/s;
  • Colour: Yellow RAL 1023 or green RAL6015;
  • Options: Operation activated buzzer signal;
  • Power-on activated yellow flash light;

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